I have a bit of a problem with a so-called ‘justice’ system that allows a 13 year old to walk away from a viscious stabbing of his teacher, yet a 15 year old is charged with “assault and threatening to kill” for presenting a knife. To carry this a step or two further, the boy was apparently not provoked into taking such extreme action, but the girl was responding to verbal, and one suspects pretty nasty bullying, by a group of peers.
I do not condone the girl’s actions any more than I do the boy’s, but it is strange that we can have a justice system that has such inequity. Obviously there will be consequences for the boy- he will be counselled, and there will likely be an apology to his teacher as part of a restorative justice conference, but how far will this go towards changing who he is and his attitudes governing personal management, particularly in situations requiring decision making and conflict with others.


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