MOST teachers will never be viciously assaulted- sadly too many will be. MOST students will never feel inclined to viciously attack a teacher- sadly a growing number apparently do. There is no simple answer to ‘why’ but with the growing number of incidents of this kind (and this includes non-weapon attacks) real efforts must urgently be made to find answers, simple or otherwise, and to discover what it is that is happening to our youth that they resort to such acts.
I am happy to say that in 45 years in New Zealand classrooms I have never felt threatened or in danger of being attacked by a student. Admittedly I have always taught in the primary service, but for most of my career I taught the 11+ age-group, a group from which this latest attacker was only removed by months at most. I doubt that, were I to continue for another 45 years I would feel quite so secure. Hopefully this rewarding service will again become a safe and secure environment where ALL teachers and students share in the growth and development of tomorrow’s citizens.


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