The Government propose DOC generate more income from the conservation estate by the simple expediant of charging for services that are currently free. http://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/new-zealand/3347093/DOC-to-provide-home-comforts-for-a-fee

Among proposals to get more money from the 1.5m kiwis and around 700,000 foreign tourists who visit a national park (85,000 of whom ‘do’ one of the Great Walks) is to (a) charge a fee for use of a toilet, (b) charge a fee at car parks, (c) encouraging more businesses to operate in National Parks, and (d) allow energy creation schemes to operate in Nat Pks.

Whoa! Wouldn’t the effect of charging for dunnies be that more people won’t use them, opting rather for a squat in the bush with a consquential ‘blowout’ (forgive the term) in the presence of giardia? And wouldn’t the effect of charging for car parking be that fewer people will actually use the car-parks- perhaps opting for the grass verge a few hundred metres down the road (or entrepreneurial cockies roping off an area of paddock for half the price?) And won’t the increased numbers of guides et al turn traditional recreational Kiwi away? And wouldn’t a single nuclear power plant overcome ALL of our power needs for a long, loong, looong time? (Ooooooh, did I say that?)


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