I see Sea Shepherd are upset ‘Captain’ Peter Bethune (of the Ady Gil) is under arrest and being transported to stand trial in Japan ‘on undisclosed charges’. Upset because the charges are as yet undisclosed or upset that he’s under arrest? Have things changed so much in the world that one can now invade the bridge of a ship on the high seas with impunity? If so, I guess Sea Shepherd would have no problem with a Japanese sailor boarding the “Steve Irwin” and making a ‘citizen’s arrest’ (of anybody he chose to, on a charge of driving their carbon fibre tri-hull across the bows of his whaler?)

I DO NOT support the continued harvesting of whales by the Japanese, but I definitely feel the actions of the Sea Shepherd group are provocative and dangerous, and while this is probably their intent, because right is on their side their actions are not legitimised.


One thought on “SEA SHEPHERD

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