Change The National Flag

It is time for a change. I don’t think I am in favour of a new New Zealand flag because the old one represents the bygone colonial ties to Mother England as much as I feel we should have a much more distinctive and recognisable flag. My daughter has just gone overseas and sewn onto her pack IS the New Zealand flag, but alongside it is a silver fern. I am prepared to bet that the fern will meet with more recognition, and ‘break more ice’ than the current flag.

Obviously I favour the silver fern as our national symbol appearing on a new National flag.

All of our sports teams wear the silver fern. Most of our exports will carry a silver fern stamp. On the headstone of my namesake in the Suda Bay cemetery in Crete is a silver fern in relief (as there is on all of the headstones of Kiwi soldiers buried in solders cemeteries overseas).

Of course there are other designs being proposed and healthy debate is going to ensue, but let the debate begin!!!.html

But let’s not have John Key design it!!??


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