Two of my kids have had ‘body art’ done this year. Both have chosen original designs and are delighted with the results.
Kimberley set the trend by having a branch of manuka (a native tree) tatooed on her forearm.

Kimberley's new manuka tatoo.

Kimberley had her favourite native flower, the manuka tatooed on her forearm.

Campbell had his tatooist design this stylised kiwi, after initially looking at a tiger design. Some suggested the tiger didn’t sort of represent his culture, and obviously the kiwi does!

Campbell's kiwi.

Campbell reckons his kiwi represents his culture pretty well.

So, I guess it’s now the turn of Big Sister?

(In fact my mate just got one done to celebrate his 46th. Had his clan crest put on his shoulder. Looks good. I wonder…)


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